Rainbow Fabrics SIL: Cowboy Dark Brown Superior Imitation Leather Superior Imitation Leather

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Composition: 100% Polyurethane

Width: 150 cm

Weight: 280 GSM

Stretch: yes

Appearance: Solid

Shine: Shiny

Texture: Course

Superior Imitation Leather

Imitation leather, also known as faux leather is a manmade fabric made using PVC that is treated to make it look like real animal hide with pore patterns and dyed to the colour required.

Imitation leather is a more versatile and an ethically friendly alternative to real leather (which is made from tanned animal hides). This Imitation leather is durable and stain resistant. 

  •   Waterproof
  •   Durable
  •   Great Strength & Stretch
  •   Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  •   Easy to Clean

Please note: The picture of the fabric is produced properly in accordance with the photographic processes. However, the true color of the fabric may not be accurate from device to device. Physical samples are available in case of any doubts.