Rainbow Fabrics DU: Light Blue and White Sawtooth Weave

DU: Light Blue and White Sawtooth Weave Tapestry

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Composition: 70% Polyester – 30% Linen

Width: 150cm

Weight: 210 GSM

Stretch: None

Appearance: Solid

Shine: Matte

Texture: Course

This Damask is a reversible figured fabric of Polyester cotton with a pattern formed by weaving. This Damask fabric is woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn. Damask weaves appear most commonly in table linens and furnishing fabrics, but they are also used for clothing.

The Damask weave is used extensively throughout the fashion industry due to its versatility and high-quality finish. Damask is usually used for mid-to-high-quality garments, meaning the label tends to have a higher definition and a more “expensive” look.