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LE: Dot Line Black Leatherette---SOLD OUT

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Composition: natural fibre / PVC


 Weight: 200 GSM

 Appearance: Solid

 Stretch: 2 way stretchy

 Shine: Shiny

 Texture: Smooth

Our Leatherette is a form of faux leather that is made from a layer of fabric coated in a soft PVC layer. This coating gives our Leatherette its sheen and durability. This Leatherette does not fade as easily as Real Leather and is less likely to crack, which is great for costumes, dresses, miniskirts, lingerie, leggings, and jackets.

Please note: The picture of the fabric is produced properly in accordance with the photographic processes. However, the true color of the fabric may not be accurate from device to device. Physical samples are available in case of any doubts.