Rainbow Fabrics PV: Floral On Black Deluxe Stretch Printed Velvet

PV: Floral On Black Deluxe Stretch Printed VelvetN SOLD OUT

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Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 150cm

Stretch: Yes

Texture: Smooth

With elegant and stylish patterns, our Stretch Printed Velvet is the perfect material for a wide range of end uses. Uniquely soft and luxurious, this gorgeous textile embodies the opulent attributes of the fabric. It is perfect for making clothes such as; Dress, Skirts and tops as well as anything that your creativeness drives you.

Please note: The picture of the fabric is produced properly in accordance with the photographic processes. However, the true color of the fabric may not be accurate from device to device. Physical samples are available in case of any doubts.