Rainbow Fabrics SPF: Baby Bird Printed Sapphire Plush Fleece

SPF: Baby Bird Printed Sapphire Plush Fleece

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Composition: 65% polyester 30% cotton 5% spandex

Width: 162cm

Weight: 270 GSM

Stretch: Yes

Appearance: Solid

Shine: None

Texture: Soft & Fluffy

100% Reversable

This Sapphire Plush Fleece is a solid fabric constructed using a plain weave. It has a soft napped texture and an anti-pilling finish. With a large amount of elasticity, there is a four way stretch in the fabric allowing it to be very malleable. It is perfect for making warm blankets, sweaters, baby cozy clothes and in any other applications where a warm, wool-like material is needed.