Rainbow Fabrics SS#1:  Vivid Lilly pads Stretch Silk Satin Stretch Silk Satin

SS#1: Vivid Lilly pads Stretch Silk Satin

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Composition: 5% Silk - 5% Spandex - 90% Polyester

Width: 150cm

Weight: 110 GSM

Stretch: yes

Appearance: Solid

Shine: Shiny

Texture: Smooth

What makes stretch silk satin a unique luxury product? Mostly, it’s the way it feels. Also, a touch of elastan provides a slight stretch for a more comfortable wear. With a subtle sheen and a gorgeous drape, this stretch silk satin is ideal for close-fitting evening wear and underwear. It benefits your skin and hair due to the reduced friction. Whether it is used for lingerie, bedding, evening wear, ties or jacket linings, this fabric adds an irresistible elegance.